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Brake Service And Inspections in Eugene, Oregon
Brakes are one of the most important safety features of your car. Malfunctioning brakes can never be ignored. And even if you do not feel like your brakes are in bad shape, it is important to have your brakes inspected periodically. Oftentimes deferred brake maintenance can manifest as catastrophic failure. Do not let this happen to you. Call Jackson’s Auto Care in Eugene, Oregon today to schedule your brake service or inspection.

The Components of An Automotive Braking System
To understand what might be happening to effect the performance of your brakes, it can be helpful to understand the components of an automotive braking system. Knowledge of the parts of your braking system and the way they might be failing can help you guide your technician toward a solution to your brake problems.

Rotors, Pads, And Calipers
Automotive braking systems work by transforming the energy of your vehicle’s momentum into heat energy. On vehicles equipped with disc brakes, a round piece of metal attached to each of your wheels called a rotor acts as a sink where this heat can go to be radiated out into the atmosphere.

The heat is generated by the spinning rotors making contact with the stationary pads. The pads are held against one or more pistons within a housing called a caliper, usually by a pin. When the driver compresses the brake pedal, pressurized fluid causes the pistons to move against the pad, pushing them onto the surface of the rotor.

In order to do its job, the rotors must be able to both accumulate and dissipate heat rapidly. There are several problems that can effect the rotor’s ability to perform this function. Cracks, warping, and other problems drastically diminish your stopping power by preventing your rotors from effectively doing what they are designed for.

Brake pads are a wear part. This means they are designed to be replaced periodically. Every time the pads contact the rotor, they lose tiny amounts of material. Overly worn  brake pads cease to create the friction necessary to safely and smoothly stop the car. They can even twist within the brake caliper, causing at best a shower of sparks and at worse total failure.

Brake Booster and Brake Master Cylinder
There are two other important components of automotive braking systems. Malfunctions in these other systems can cause problems just as severe as problems caused by malfunctioning brakes, calipers, and rotors.

The brake booster uses vacuum assist to help you push down the brake pedal. Without it, it would be very hard to operate the brakes at all.

The brake master cylinder is the pump that sends brake fluid down to the calipers when the brake pedal is depressed. After pads, rotors, and calipers, master cylinder malfunctions are the next most common brake problem.

Anti-Lock Braking Systems
Most vehicles in service utilize a computer controlled braking system, called ABS or anti-lock brakes. This system uses a computer and a hydraulic unit to modulate the amount of hydraulic pressure applied during rapid or “panic” stopping to slow the vehicle evenly and under control, instead of sliding and potentially out of control.

These systems require the ability to access the ABS computer to read stored trouble codes and see live data from wheel speed sensors as well as other dynamic chassis sensors to diagnose properly. At Jackson’s we employ the latest available computer diagnostic equipment to make sure your ABS system is working safely.

All Your Brake Needs, All in One Place
At Jackson’s Auto Care, we know all about brakes. If you are having brake problems or just haven’t had your brakes inspected in a while, give us a call. We’ll take good care of you.

Since our humble beginnings in 1946, we at Jackson’s Auto Care still believe in providing professional, efficient service and value to our customers and their vehicles. At Jackson’s, we strive to offer the best service available and prioritize your vehicle’s overall automotive health so you can drive off with renewed confidence. We are a group of hardworking, dedicated individuals who treat you with the same care and exceptional service that we would our own family. From employing top of the line new technologies and diagnostic equipment to our wide variety of certifications, including AAA referral partner, we are well-equipped to handle any car in any condition. Here at Jackson’s, our technicians have both the experience and credentials to get your vehicle up and running again. Looking for some routine maintenance? We also offer a range of general services such as drivability diagnostics to help keep your car in peak condition. When looking for a mechanic shop, it’s hard to feel like you’re truly being taken care of, but at Jackson’s, we pride ourselves on being straightforward and honest so you can rest easy. With over 84 years of experience under our belt, we hope that we can continue to service the community and provide the best service possible for the next 84.

Our Legacy
At Jackson’s Auto Care, we don’t take our title as the oldest independent automotive repair shop lightly. Every day we strive to uphold our legacy of amazing automotive service and care. Founded in 1946 by Manson Jackson, Jackson’s Auto Care, then called “Jackson Motors” was initially a small business for auto repair. With the invention of after-market air conditioning, Mr. Jackson saw the opportunity to specialize in heating, ventilation, and air conditioning. As a result, what was once considered a small business became the biggest air conditioning center in the area. Today, Jackson’s Auto Care still specializes in air conditioning service and repair, but we have also expanded to include a wide array of cutting-edge services and repairs.

Now, Jackson’s Auto Care is run by our own Robert Langan, who was himself also a former technician at Jackson’s before taking over ownership in 2015. Having grown up in the Eugene-Oregon area, Bob spent a majority of his childhood assisting his father, who owned his own automotive business. Later as a technician at Jackson’s Auto, he came to value the small-town feel and family-oriented focus of Jackson’s and credits our success to our experience and great customer service. Today as the proud owner of Jackson’s Auto Care, Bob is dedicated to continuing the legacy of Jackson’s where we strive to serve you in the best way we know how by providing superior assistance in terms of car repairs. As one of the best drivability repair shops in the Eugene-Springfield area, we value our relationship with our customers and believe in great service at a fair price.

Services & Repairs
Here at Jackson’s Auto, our team is passionate about repairing and restoring your vehicle and will work tirelessly to make sure your vehicle’s automotive health is in peak condition. That means going above and beyond the typical standard of care. We show the whole picture, if we see that your vehicle may require additional repairs, we’ll inform you. At Jackson’s, we aim to provide straight-forward, honest service. Our goal is to ensure that you understand the nature of your repair, so you can make the best-informed decision as a car owner.

Regardless of make or model, Jackson’s Auto Care technicians are well-equipped to handle any general maintenance or repairs, from fluid changes to check engine light diagnostics. We offer a full range of services, all backed with a 2-year 24,000-mile warranty, so you can be certain that you’re receiving the best care. We’re also always adding and integrating new, up to date technologies so we can continue to service your vehicle better. As the best drivability repair shop in the Eugene area, we are always thorough in terms of your vehicle’s assessment. At Jackson’s, we are confident that we can repair your vehicle and get you back on the road.


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We Care
At Jackson’s, we take pride in our work and consider it a privilege to work on your vehicle. Our experience and history with the Eugene-Springfield area have made us one of the best repair shops in the area, and we work to maintain relationships, and keep your vehicle in peak condition. If you’re looking for a repair shop that provides top-notch service at a fair price, call Jackson’s Auto Care. We know the job, are passionate about providing the best assistance, and we look out for you.

Why Should You Choose Us?

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Best customer service. The service is always done right. Thank you guys

-Jonathan Decker

My 2003 Honda CRV blew out its radiator and left me stranded some 50 miles from home in Eugene. AAA and the towing operator recommended Jackson’s & I had seen reviews about them on yelp prior, so I called to get their take. Dropped off car straightaway and by next morning they had diagnosed the problems and given an estimate. When I picked up car the work was done and it ran just fine. Been over a week now and happy to say that they were friendly & knowledgeable

-Timothy Sofia

This is the only place I take my car. Highly recommend!! Bob and the rest of the guys there are great! They shoot straight. They tell you when someone is in dire need of repair and what can wait for another day.. or if a repair isn’t really a big deal. They are even open a bit on the weekends. A+++

-Sean McBee

Got me on a Saturday, same day appointment. Fixed the car quick and did it for the exact same amount my regular shop quoted me for, but couldn’t fit me in for. I didn’t even tell them about the price my other shop quoted me. Good group of guys will do business with them in the future.

-Robert Gallardo

I’ve had a great experience with Jackson’s. They’ve solved issues with two of my vehicles quickly and professionally, and I’ve never had a problem with the work they’ve done. They’ve even contacted me the day after I picked up my vehicle to ask me if everything is going well. I’ve never had a mechanic do that. I fully believe that they are trustworthy.

-James Conaway

My truck decided that it didn’t want to start periodically for no rhyme or reason and after the frustration of trying to troubleshoot things myself I decided to call Jackson’s Complete Auto Care and they had me back on the road by the next day. Jackson’s staff where extremely professional and responsive, they addressed the issue I was having and made sure my vehicle was fully operational and working reliably. I won’t hesitate to go back and see them in the future if needed and will recommend them with confidence.

-Michael McCurry

Jackson’s did excellent maintenance on my 2000 van that needed to be done. I feel the price was right and not high like I was paying for their children’s college education. Jackson’s also was able to find and fix what like 5 other shops were not able to fix and for that they get 6 gold stars.

-Andrew Davis

While on my way home I started having car problems, it was almost 5 so I was worried I would get turned away. I called Jackson’s auto because it was the closest mechanic to me and they told me to head over. I made it 2 more blocks and my car died… I called back and told them what happened, I was blocking traffic and no one was willing to help me push my car, I just kept getting honked at. Next thing I know a car full of mechanics from Jackson’s pulls up and immediately gets my car out of the way! Bob was so helpful over the phone (I was pretty upset about the whole situation) he helped calm me down. They waited for me to get my car towed there and I was called the next day with a description of what went wrong with my car. They were very honest with me and very helpful!

-Katie Gallegos

From the friendly welcome to the review of upcoming service needs to keeping my car running safely and reliably, I appreciate the consistent and quality service I get at Jackson’s Complete Auto Care. It starts with their flexibility of setting up an appointment time and continues all the way to pick up when I tend to pepper them with questions as we talk about what I can plan for in the upcoming maintenance visits. Thanks to everyone at Jackson’s Complete Auto Care!

-Mary Reilly

I am a loyal customer of Jackson’s- they have taken excellent care of my 2001 Toyota Echo so that I can feel confident driving on the highway to work without fearing a breakdown or that I am putting too much wear and tear. I am always confident in their diagnostics and I feel that my car is running as well as possible under their care. They also send out yearly rebates to their customers which usually covers the cost of an oil change.

-Amy Mills

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